About Overlap and Our Mission / Ethos - CONSIGNMENT 

"An ambitious team, fuelled with passion and driven to shift the traditional automotive market forward." 

What we do 

Here at Overlap we focus on consigning parts so you don't have to. We ensure your  parts are handled appropriately and deal with all the hassle of selling your part and  will do our best to get the price you want to sell it for. At the core of it, we are  enthusiasts and we can truly appreciate the parts that we're dealing with - so rest  assured, we'll care for them like our own.  

From the ever-increasing LMGT1/2s to the simplest discontinued Titanium Spoon  Gear Shifters and everything within that spectrum and beyond, you can guarantee  we'll be excited to sell that for you. So long as you value it, so do we. 

If you've got a part you want to sell or source, feel free to reach out to us. 

And we aren't just simply consigning parts. Keep on this journey with us as we have  a lot more planned out for the future of the automotive world.